As trusted third-party freight brokers, the goal at Bridge Logistics is to get your freight to the right place at the right time and keep you in the loop along the way.

With technology like project44, we’re able to help our carriers keep their eyes on the road and allow our customers to tap into our tech.

“As a company we talk about transparency often and how important it really is. With this new technology we can now put that transparency into action,” says Malcolm McEwen, Director of Operations at Bridge Logistics.

How does project44 work?

Project44 is a visibility platform that allows brokers to see live updates of their carrier locations with its precision location tracking services.

Once our customers request a login, they’ll be able to log in and view driver location pings through our homepage.

“Efficiency and automation are key. That is what project44 brings to the table. The more efficient we can be for our customers the better we are able to serve them on a personal level,” says McEwen.

With this improved technology, we’ve reduced check calls by 42% and have provided our customers with more peace-of-mind while we handle the logistics of their shipments.

“We are logistic advisors at our core and with project44 we can focus more on advising and being a partner for customers to lean on,” says McEwen.

Project44 puts more time in our customers’ schedules and more loads in our carriers’ trucks.

Are you ready to tap into our tech?

Request your login at or through your Account Representative at Bridge Logistics.