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Add more value to your business.

Let us handle the logistics

If you’re looking to get your freight to the right place at the right time, every time, then you should be shipping with Bridge Logistics. Our customers tell us that as a result of our tech, we’ve been able to save them time and peace-of-mind.

We’re on standby to ship on your schedule.


Our advisors help you by eliminating the daily challenges you face in the transportation industry.


You can track your freight in real-time and connect with your advisor 24/7 with our customer portal.


It’s more than freight: Our team values communication, trust, and industry knowledge.


Our advisors work to understand what your needs truly are and offer well-advised solutions.

Delivering Success

We’ve invested into our technology stack to build platforms that cater to your specific shipping needs (ask us about our tech stack featuring project44).

From compliance, to scheduling crews for pick up and drop off, our team takes the load off of you and your shipping departments with our industry knowledge and advanced technology.

These programs have helped us maintain an exceptional on-time delivery rate for shipments across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Track Your Ship

The customer portal keeps you connected by showing you live updates of your commodities during their journey so you’re always in the loop.