drive with bridge

We go the extra mile for our drivers.

Get Loaded, stay Loaded

We value every mile you drive, because our carriers are what drive our business. We’re changing the narrative of logistics with our broker-to-carrier relationships. Let us help refuel your business by keeping your truck loaded.

How is Bridge Logistics changing the narrative?

Consistent Pay

You’ll get paid within 21 days of us receiving your paperwork (unlike the industry standard of 30 days).

24/7 Support

Support is available 24/7 and now you can communicate with us through project44, our tracking platform.

We Care

What do you need to be successful? We care about your business because your business drives ours.

We're Reliable

Our customer base is strong, which means we always have freight to keep your wheels moving.

Find Freight with Parade

Being on the road 24/7 leaves you with little time to keep calling brokers. That’s why we introduced a carrier portal. Once you get set up in our system, you can log into your portal and get loaded with just a few clicks.

Take us for a test drive

Hear how we’re catering to our carriers in this introduction video.

Our Core Values:

We exist to engage our passion of logistics while building trust and lasting prosperity inside and outside of our office walls. Our mission to inspire a company culture that nurtures and respects its team members, customers, and carriers is what we strive for every day.