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1005, 2024

International Roadcheck Week 2024 As the calendar inches closer to May 14th-16th, the transportation industry gears up for an annual event that could potentially shake up capacity and rates: the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) International Roadcheck. But what exactly is Roadcheck

1110, 2023

Customer Fraud Prevention #3: How to Combat Fraudsters Three Steps to Combatting Fraudsters Once and For All Alright, so today brings us to our 3rd and Final topic in our customer fraud prevention series.  We started this journey by discussing the different types of freight

609, 2023

Customer Fraud Prevention #2: Identifying Double Brokering   Double brokering has been a concern for brokers, carriers, and shippers alike for years. The term double broker is relatively self-explanatory: It often refers to a brokered or shipper tendered load being sent to a known carrier,


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