Weekly Market Update 11/7/2022

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  After making a comeback in the latter half of October accepted volumes plummeted the first week of November, falling 8% from Oct 31st to Nov 4th. Jobless claims remained unchanged as last week’s claims were revised down by 1000 from 218k to 217k. Claims on average for the month of Oct coming in at

Weekly Market Update 10/31/2022

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  Contract load accepted volumes made a bit of a comeback in the latter half of October, Increasing 4% over a 2.5 week period. Still down about 5% from 2020 and 11.5% from 2021. Overall accepted volumes remain above pre-pandemic levels, however are not expected to rise significantly as they typically would during

Weekly Market Update 10/24/2022

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  Diesel stockpiles reached a 25-day low as: domestic output has decreased over the past couple of years, Russian oil sanctions remain, and US seasonal demand for diesel reached its highest level since 2007. The Northeast region consumes more diesel for residential heating than anywhere in the US. Currently, their reserves are a

Weekly Market Update 10/17/2022

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  According to the U.S. Census Bureau's most recent release of international trade in goods and services, imports of goods decreased by $4.1 billion to $270.1 billion. While areas such as industrial supplies and capital goods fell by $4.7 and $1.1 billion respectfully, automotive vehicles, parts, and engines however increased by $1.1 billion.

Weekly Market Update 10/10/2022

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  The ISM.PMI came in at 50.9 percent last month, almost 2 points below August and the lowest reading we’ve seen since May of 2020. While anything over 50 does represent expansion, the rate of growth has either decreased or remained stagnant since May of this year. Of all the PMI’s subsets, inventory

Weekly Market Update 9/26/2022

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    Hurricane Ian expected to make landfall on the West Coast of Florida Thursday morning as a category 3 with powerful winds gusts capable of reaching upwards of 120 MPH.  Peak storm surges capable of reaching 5-10ft in the Fort Myers and Tampa Bay areas could lead to significant flooding. Surges coupled

Weekly Market Update 9/5/2022

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We experienced a spike in rejections post Labor Day in both 2019 and 2020 until the end of the year when rejections peaked in mid-December near 15% and 28% respectively. While 2021 did see an increase in rejections up around 23% before Labor Day, rejections never made it back to those levels for

Weekly Market Update 8/1/2022

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August's Weekly Market Update dives into the recession and what it means for flatbed rejections and port bookings. Keep watching (or reading) for more! According to DAT, recent flatbed equipment post levels reached an all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in late 2019. YoY flatbed load-to-truck ratios supporting this notion: down 51%

Weekly Market Update 8/8/2022

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No advanced education required to see that this year’s back-to-school demand has had very little impact on seasonal truckload volumes unlike we’ve seen over the past two years. The contract market continues to take back spot market share as spot loads posted YoY fell 34% in July, and 26% MoM, while at the

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