Growth: Katie’s Story

Sales is tough, and quite frankly – not everyone is able to set aside the rejection and find success. Here at Bridge, we know that sales is a marathon (not a sprint), which is why we have a 15-month development program for our new sales hires. Our process involves operations training, sales training, being placed on our development team, participating in weekly checkpoints, and then graduating to our mid-level sales team. At the mid-level team, you’ll be placed on straight commission, and you’ll get a full-time operations assistant to help you manage your customer base. It’s a hard path to get there though. Our development process, while clearly laid out, is not easy.



That’s why when we do have someone that graduates the program and comes out on top, we celebrate. And we celebrate big.

Meet Katie Kaczmarek: our latest team member to complete our development program. Katie started with us in January 2018 after years working in the retail industry. She was looking for a change and a place where she could have a more regular schedule, and thankfully, our president happened to be one of her retail customers who suggested she come interview with us.

And as they say, the rest is history.

It hasn’t been an easy road over these last 15 months, but Katie has fought hard to build her own client base and establish herself as a freight broker. Now she’s on our mid-level sales team where she’s on straight commission and has additional operations support to help her manage her customers.

We threw Katie a party at the end of April to celebrate. Watch this video to hear more about Katie’s journey!

When we were deciding what we should do for Katie’s party, we wanted to make it extra special and personalized to her. Katie loves Paris, so we threw a Paris-themed party, complete with a champagne toast, macarons, and charcuterie boards! Everyone on our team wrote Katie a handwritten congratulatory note as well that we presented to her.

We’re so proud of Katie and the example she’s setting for the new hires following in her footsteps!

By Allison Walke, Talent Acquisition & Development

Meet Stan: Most Supportive Team Member

We’re launching a new monthly spotlight here at Bridge aimed at recognizing our team members, and we’re so excited about it!

For this first feature, we asked our team to nominate who they felt best represented most supportive team member. We asked them to think about who has gone above and beyond to help out, has been flexible when needed, and has remained positive when things haven’t been going right.

While we have a lot of supportive team members, Stan Kasmer won for most supportive! Stan works in our House Team, which is the initial landing spot for new hires to learn the business. He joined us in March 2018 from the retail industry. He lends support in our operations and compliance departments, while also helping new hires get acclimated to Bridge. We’re so thankful to have Stan on our team!

We asked Stan some questions to get to know him better – read on to learn more about Stan!

Q: How has Bridge helped you in your career development?

A: Bridge has given me a completely different field from what I was accustomed to, helping me to enhance my teamwork, communications, and multitasking skills.

Q: Tell us about your role at Bridge.

A: My role is operations support and compliance. My day consists of handling my team’s shipments by booking carriers and following up with them through delivery, while also setting pick-up and delivery appointments. I help review and set up new carriers as well.

Q: What do you find is the most challenging part of your role?

A: The most challenging part of my role would be multitasking. You have to be able to do multiple things at once – from sending emails, to updating carriers, to answering the phone – all at the same time.


Q: What’s something you love to do outside of work?

A: One of my favorite things to do outside of work is working on my house and in my yard.

Q: What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

A: I enjoy most aspects of my job, especially when we exceed our goals of moving freight.

Q: Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

A: The best place I’ve gone is Jamaica – mostly because it was my first trip with just friends!

Q: What piece of advice would you give to someone starting in this industry?

A: Make sure that you are ready to learn and that you’re a team player.

Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

A: I have a bad habit of watching multiple series at the same time, so I’m currently in the middle of 4 shows!

Q: What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

A: I am a big history guy and love to watch, read, and see anything that pertains to ancient history.

Q: What is your favorite Bridge memory?

A: The most recent would be the chili cookoff and winning the cornbread competition.

Our team members are what sets us apart from other companies, and we’re lucky to have such supportive people like Stan working with us!

By Allison Walke, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding