One Way Farm – Thank You Notes!

Here at Bridge Logistics, we’re like one big happy family, and in return, we like to come together and give back to our community in a special way. We collaborate with the One Way Farm, in Fairfield, OH. If you haven’t heard about this organization, you need to get in the loop!

The One Way Farm Children’s Home is a non-profit  caring for the abused, abandoned, neglected, troubled youth, and children with disabilities and developmental disabilities in the State of Ohio.


What’s great about the One Way Farm Children’s Home, is that they  provide a secure, warm and loving environment for residents who are abused, abandoned, troubled or neglected, while also meeting their medical, educational, therapeutic, and housing needs. They have children ranging from 6 to 18 years, and to age 21 for the developmentally disabled (via.

We decided to sponsor their children during the holiday season, hoping to give them the Christmas that they deserve. In return, we were given these Thank You notes below! How awesome. A big shout out to our staff went all out on the lists this year!



We were blown away by the Thank You notes! Thank YOU One Way Farm! We’re just happy to be a part of something bigger than Bridge Logistics.


For more information on the One Way Farm Children’s Home, and how to get involved, click here.